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HMRC approved Business Expense

Save 62% on your life insurance in tax relief

If you are a business owner you could save thousands of pounds in tax by paying for you life insurance through your business.

Find out how below.

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Amazing benefits...
  • Save 62% in tax with life insurance
  • Tax free life insurance for your family
  • HMRC approved since 2006
  • No benefit in kind so completely tax free benefit
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The most tax efficient benefit directors can get

Introducing Relevant Life Insurance

To take advantage these benefits you need a specific type of policy called a 'Relevant Life Policy'. Relevant life insurance is life insurance and is offered by all of the UK's leading insurers. If you die, your family receives a tax free lump sum to help them.

The premiums are paid for by your business and HMRC have approved them as a business expenses that also attracts corporation tax relief. There is no benefit in kind or income tax to pay either, making this a truly tax-free and tax efficient policy.

As a company director you can save 62% in tax compared to a personal life insurance policy.

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Who can benefit?

Does your business qualify?

If you have a UK based limited company and are either an employee or a director then you should be eligible.

We find that company directors love to take advantage of the corporation tax and income tax relief as they can find essential cover for their families in the most tax efficient way.

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The great news is we do all the work for you and find you the most cost effective relevant life insurance. We can provide quotations from every UK insurer so no need for comparison sites and multiple calls from multiple insurers.

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What our clients think


Smooth process, easy to deal with and most importantly they saved me a lot of tax by switching my policy to one that could be paid for by the business.

James Tonry

Recently used them for relevant life and income protection. Professional and informative.

Ross Hutchinson

I set up shareholder protection policies for me and my business partners through Executive Life. They found us competitive quotes and the process was swift. I would highly recommend to other company directors.

David J

Executive Life helped me find the best deal for my life insurance policy and also my income protection policy. It was very easy and the process took no time at all - I would highly recommend them!

George Mitchell

Very happy with the service and process I went through. They explained how the income protection policy worked and how it would be tax efficient for me through my limited company.

Jodie Newell

Other Broker Services

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Key Man Insurance Cover

A key person policy pays the business a lump sum when a key person who works for that business suffers a specified critical illness or dies. It's a simple term assurance policy that protects the business against losing a key person.

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Private Business Health Insurance

Private business health insurance can be paid for by your company as an expense and can also be extended to include your family. Corporation tax relief is available, however, a benefit in kind tax will be due on the value of the business health insurance premiums. This is usually more tax efficient than paying for the premiums personally.

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Executive Income Protection

Executive income protection is a tax-efficient policy that pays 80% of your monthly income to the business if you are unable to work due to sickness or ill health, until you return to work.

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Business Wills & LPA

A 'Business Will' is essential to every business owner and can save hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of pounds in inheritance tax when structured correctly.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that a will is just a note of who will inherit your assets if you die. It can be one of the most effective tax planning tools available to a business owner.

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Shareholder Protection Insurance

In the event of the death of a shareholder the shares that they previously owned could be inherited by another family member, making this person you may never have met, a key shareholder in the decision making of your business. This is a very common risk that can be eliminated by using a simple shareholder protection policy.

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