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Will & Estate Planning

A spouse or family member receiving £1 million in life insurance is a great benefit, but do they know what you would like them to do with the money? It's a great question that we prompt everyone who takes out life insurance to ask themselves.

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Benefits of having a Will in place
  • Ensure your estate is secure and left to the right people
  • Succession planning that secures your children's future
  • A clear plan for your business assets
  • Piece of mind that all our affairs are in order
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Life Insurance to Cover Inheritance Tax: Aligne Your Estate Planning Needs
What will happen to your assets?

One risk of not having a Will

72% of widowers under age 50 meet a new partner and remarry. In this event, the £1 million you may have left as life insurance now becomes a joint asset with their new partner, and should your spouse die, it could all end up in the hands of their new husband or wife. This event could affect your plans to ensure your children are looked after or receive an inheritance.

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Its easy to solve

The Simple Solution

The great news is that this is very easy to resolve with a will and trust structure. Our team will create a will for you with a trust attached, giving you full control over how your assets are distributed. This detailed expression of wishes not only protects their inheritance, but also empowers your bereaved spouse as they will know exactly what you intended to happen in the event of your death.

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A must for business owners

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

A will sets out your wishes in the event of your death; however, if you become incapacitated but don't die, this could leave your family and your business highly exposed. Who could sign off on decisions that need to be made? Who can pay the wages from your company?

These questions are often overlooked but are a massive risk for most people, especially business owners. Having an LPA solves all of these risks and ensures that a trusted person can make these decisions for you if required.

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Secure your families future

Benefits of a Trust

Leaving your assets into a trust for your family's benefit has many advantages and is very easy to set up and manage. A family trust can allow your family to use the funds and assets while keeping them protected from third parties if your spouse remarries after your death. It ensures that your estate passes to the people most important to you and that your wishes are met even after your death.

They are very easy to set up, and our staff can advise you on the best options and features to suit your family's needs.

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Did you know your shares could be inheritance tax free

Inheritance Tax Free Business Assets

Did you know that in the UK, limited company shares in a business that has been trading for over two years and is not listed on a stock exchange are inheritance tax-free? That means your business assets can pass from you to your family or other beneficiaries tax-free in the event of your death. To find out if your business qualifies, contact our estate planning team. We can offer you a free estate planning appointment over the phone and tell you exactly what inheritance tax exposure you have, if any.

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Support when they need it most

Bereavement Service

As part of the service, we also offer bereavement support. In the event of your death, your spouse will have access to one of our FCA-regulated financial planners, who will not only explain how to claim life insurance but also discuss your intended plans for the policy. They can also provide guidance on how to invest the funds in a way that ensures their long-term security. We are here to support you and your family every step of the way.


The Final Part of a Diligent Plan

You've done the hard work by putting the right insurance in place, so completing this work with a secure will and trust structure will give you the peace of mind that your family will be fully protected now and in the future.

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Find out how to secure your future and reduce your inheritance tax liability

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